The Big Easy is once again set to come alive with the fun and excitement of Mardi Gras. The 2014 Mardi Gras parade schedule is set to begin on February 15 and run all way to March 4th. The 2014 Mardi Gras celebration will as always be packed with dozens of great parades held in and around New Orleans. Many of these parades have floats , music, and designs attached to a specific theme and give viewers a look into the great history and culture of New Orleans and the people of Louisiana. New Orleans is known world wide for its ability to have a good time and there is no better example of that then Mardi Gras !

If your planning on joining in on the fun be sure to remember to dress appropriately as weather this time of year usually offers warmer days and cooler nights. Also plan for extended days usually including a fair amount of walking as multiple Mardi Gras parades are usually scheduled through out the day as shown and parade routes and surrounding area’s are often blocked off to regular automobile access. Here is the 2014 Mardi Gras schedule with parade routes for you can plan your 2014 Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans.





Saturday, Feb 15

Krewe of Bilge – Slidell – Noon
Krewe of Mona Lisa and MoonPie – Slidell – 6:00pm
Krewe du Vieux – French Quarter – 6:30pm
Krewe Delusion – French Quarter – Follows Krewe du Vieux

Sunday, Feb 16

Krewe of Little Rascals – Metairie – Noon

Friday, Feb 21

Krewe of Cork – French Quarter – 3:00pm
Krewe of Oshun – Uptown – 6:00pm
Krewe of Cleopatra – Uptown – 6:30pm
Krewe of Excalibur – Metairie – 7:00pm
Krewe of Eve – Mandeville – 7:00pm
Krewe of Atlas – Metairie – 7:30pm

Saturday, Feb 22

The Mystic Knights of Adonis – West Bank – 11:45am
Knights of Nemesis – Chalmette – 1:00pm
Krewe of Pontchartrain – Uptown – 1:00pm
Krewe of Choctaw – Uptown – Follows Pontchartrain
Krewe of Freret – Uptown – Follows Pontchartrain
Knights of Sparta – Uptown – 6:00pm
Krewe of Caesar – Metairie – 6:00pm
Krewe of Olympia – Covington – 6:00pm
Krewe of Titans – Slidell – 6:30pm
Krewe of Pygmalion – Uptown – 6:45pm
Krewe of Chewbacchus – Marigny – 8:00pm

Sunday,  Feb 23

Krewe of Carrollton – Uptown – Noon
Krewe of Dionysus – Slidell – 1:00pm
Krewe of King Arthur and Merlin – Uptown – Follows Krewe of Carrollton
Krewe of Alla – Uptown – follows King Arthur
Krewe of Tchefuncte – Madisonville – 2:00pm
Krewe of Barkus – French Quarter – 2:00pm

Wednesday,  Feb 26

Krewe of Ancient Druids – Uptown – 6:30pm
Krewe of Nyx – Uptown – 7:00pm

Thursday, Feb 27

Knights of Babylon – Uptown – 5:45pm
Krewe of Muses – Uptown – 6:30pm
Knights of Chaos – Uptown – 6:30pm

Friday, Feb 28

Krewe of Hermes – Uptown – 6:00pm
Krewe d’Etat – Uptown – 6:30pm
Krewe of Selene – Slidell – 6:30pm
Krewe of Centurions – Metairie – 7:00pm
Krewe of Lyra – Covington – 7:00pm
Krewe of Morpheus – Uptown – 7:00pm

Saturday, March 1

Krewe of NOMTOC – Westbank – 10:45am
Krewe of Iris – Uptown – 11:00am
Krewe of Tucks – Uptown – Noon
Krewe of Endymion – Mid-City – 4:15pm
Krewe of Isis – Metairie – 6:30pm

Sunday,  March 2

Krewe of Okeanos – Uptown – 11:00am
Krewe of Mid-City – Uptown – 11:45am
Krewe of Thoth – Uptown – Noon
Krewe of Bacchus – Uptown – 5:15pm
Krewe of Napoleon – Metairie – 5:30pm

Monday, March 3

Krewe of Proteus – Uptown – 5:15pm
Krewe of Orpheus – Uptown – 6:00pm
Krewe of Hera – Metairie – 6:15pm
Krewe of Zeus – Metairie – 7:00pm

Tuesday, March 4

Krewe of Zulu – Uptown – 8:00am
Krewe of Rex – Uptown – 10:00am
Krewe of Grela – West Bank – 10:00am
Krewe of Argus – Metairie – 10:00am
Krewe of Elks Orleans – Uptown – Follows Rex
Krewe of Crescent City – Uptown – Follows Krewe of Elks Orleans
Krewe of Elks Jefferson – Metairie – Follows Krewe of Argus
Krewe of Jefferson – Metairie – Follows Krewe of Argus


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